A Very American Riot Fest Playlist
A mix of revolutionary hip-hop acts to blast this Fourth of July

One of the most mind-blowing things about hip-hop is how infinitely adaptable it is. People have made it out of funk and soul, but also from Aphex Twin and yacht rock. It linked up with country just as easily as it did with metal, and half the rappers on the charts these days are basically

Here’s Your Official Riot Fest 2021 Playlist
Two tracks from every artist playing Riot Fest 2021... so far

It’s a year and three months away, but you can start preparing for Riot Fest right now with our official 2021 playlist. Give it a listen below. We’ve assembled a mix of some of our favorite tracks into a massive 6-hour playlist of our First Wave lineup. We’re sure all of your favorites are represented, but hopefully