Manger Danger! It’s The Lawrence Arms’ Sixth Annual War On X-Mas
An all-digital Holiday Special featuring Tim McIlrath, Matt Skiba, and many more

Folks, we’d like to welcome you to the announcement of the greatest Christmas-themed punk show on earth—and this year, it’s a star-studded livestream extravaganza. The mightiest of mightiest, the holiest of holies, the sexiest of sexies, the lords of lords, the hosts of hosts, the best damn band in all the land: The Lawrence Arms

The Haunted Development Hell of the Shelved ‘Beetlejuice’ Sequel
The ghost with the most... surfing skills?

People are too hard on sequels. Don’t get me wrong: many sequels are pointless and bad, and even some of the more entertaining ones are still feckless cash-ins. That said, while many sequels may not be “good” movies by a lot of metrics, is even that really such a bad thing? Furious 7 and Friday

The Ethical Slut’s Guide to Halloween Costumes in 2020
A horny how-to on responsibly celebrating Halloween during a pandemic

This has been a tough year for sluts. For everyone else, too, sure—but I don’t want the specific plight of sluts to get lost in the shuffle. While businesses are losing profits and even shutting down, so too are our body count gains coming to an absolute shrieking halt. Our holes are shut down for